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Meet Andrew, AI Developer

Los Angeles, CA

10+ years in development




Problem Solving


4 stars

Coding Fundamentals


Recent Project

Backend engineer specializing in App and AI development.

An accomplished and results-driven Software Professional with 5 years of experience leading high-performing teams to deliver exceptional software solutions. Expert backend engineer...

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Meet Po-Jen, Senior ML Engineer

New York, NY

4 years in development




Coding Fundamentals


4 stars

Problem Solving


4 stars

Recent Project

Built an product recommendation tool, driving a 10% increase in sales

Proposed a ranking model roadmap and improved 10.2% add-to-cart rate by leading three team members to apply different levels of personalization using random walk and word2vec models in the ranking system trained by Catboost.

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Meet Sean, ML Engineer

New York, NY

4 years in development






4 stars

Coding Fundamentals


Recent Project

Built LLM evaluation suite to improve information retrieval

Improved information retrieval for CXOne Expert by 10-20% in Precision@1, Recall@5, NDCG@5, MRR@5, and MAP@5 by redesigning retrieval using Query Expansion and Cross-Encoder Re-Ranking.

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Gen AI




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How to Hire AI Engineers with Techtrust

We match you with pre-verified, and industry experienced AI and Machine Learning engineers, ensuring your project's success from the start. Our process ensures that each candidate your team interviews has the skills, experience, and aptitude you expect!

Our hiring best practices

Our experts learn about your hiring needs.

We create you a personalized hiring plan.

We identify the best candidates from our list of certified talent & share their skill assessments.

We support & guide you through interviewing, screening, and onboarding.


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A Game-Changer in FinTech Hiring!

Their FinTech Talent Hub is a comprehensive catalogue of top technical talent.

Digital Editor

Techtrust has become our go-to partner in scaling our tech team.

Director of Operations

The Techtrust screening process saved me so much time because my hiring manager didn't make me take another series of technical tests.

Apache Kafka Developer

Our company has used multiple staffing agencies before, but the quality of candidates from Techtrust is simply unmatched.

Analytics Lead

I wasn't interested in the first two roles they presented to me and it wasn't a problem. Techtrust worked with me until they found a job I loved. I've been there for months and am so happy.

AI Developer

Techtrust saved us countless hours in the recruitment process. They brought us expert developers who were onboarded in no time.

Sr. Recruiter

We needed a seasoned software architect and they delivered a perfect match, pre-vetted, in less than a week!

Operations Manager 

The professionalism and work environment at Techtrust is so inclusive that it makes you feel very relaxed.

Frontend Engineer

I was hesitant about contract hires, but the professionals Techtrust provided seamlessly integrated into our team and contributed from day one.

Operations and Strategy

Techtrust found the people we needed for a big data migration project. They not only met, but exceeded our expectations.

Revenue Operations Manager

Techtrust made the onboarding process seamless. I went from interview to started in 2 weeks.

Data Engineer

Techtrust provides tremendous on-job support and better benefits than any other consulting firm I’ve seen give its employees!

Business Systems Analyst IV

The transparency and communication from the Techtrust team are second to none. They've truly earned our trust for hiring technical talent.

Technical Lead

In the competitive FinTech landscape, having a partner like Techtrust has given us an edge in acquiring top talent, fast.

Director of Implementation

Every candidate Techtrust has recommended has been a strong match both in skillset and culture fit. They truly get our company's vision!

Talent Acquisition

I was blown away by how quickly Techtrust understood our tech needs and delivered. Their expertise in FinTech staffing is evident.

Director, Software Engineering

Techtrust has revolutionized our hiring process. We no longer worry about finding the right IT professionals, we just call Techtrust.

HR Director 

The Techtrust screening process saved me so much time because my hiring manager didn't make me take another series of technical tests.

Apache Kafka Developer

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Frequently Asked Questions

What qualifications should I look for in an AI developer?

When hiring an AI developer, prioritize candidates with a strong background in computer science, mathematics, and statistics. Key skills include proficiency in programming languages like Python or Java, experience with AI frameworks such as TensorFlow or PyTorch, and a solid understanding of machine learning algorithms.

How do I assess the technical skills of AI developers during the interview?

To effectively evaluate an AI developer's technical skills, consider administering a coding test that includes algorithm-based questions relevant to artificial intelligence. Techtrust will work with you to develop a custom live-coding exam where you can see their skills come to life in real-time and get their capabilities summarized on our candidate scorecards, helping you assess who you want to interview and saving you time.

What are common challenges when working with AI developers and how can I overcome them?

Common challenges include communication barriers, project complexity, and aligning the AI project’s goals with business outcomes. Overcome these by ensuring clear and regular communication, setting realistic milestones, and involving AI developers in business discussions to align technical objectives with business needs.

What is the typical cost of hiring an AI developer?

The cost of hiring an AI developer varies widely depending on their experience, location, and the complexity of the AI projects. Typically, AI developers command higher salaries than average software developers due to their specialized skills. It's wise to research current salary trends in your region to prepare an appropriate budget.