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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Techtrust qualify the top IT talent?

By partnering with Techtrust, you will only receive profiles of top IT talent that are “Techtrust Certified.” This certification is awarded only to candidates who have successfully completed our rigorous screening process, developed in collaboration with HackerRank. Ensuring that the candidates possess the required skills, experience, and aptitude to excel in your organization.

Why do top IT professionals choose Techtrust?

The most experienced IT talent choose to work with us because we only recommend them for jobs where they will thrive. We only share roles with you that are aligned with your personal and career goals.

Do you offer contract, contract-to-hire, and FTE?

Yes. Techtrust can provide talent that works in any setup that works for your hiring needs. Our talent is both local to NYC and remote so you can have talent on-hour, off-hours, in-office, or anywhere in the US.

Where is Techtrust located?

Our offices are located in the Financial District of NYC. Stop by anytime and have a coffee on us.